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Autist is a french electronic band based in Berlin, consisting of songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Gabriel Santini with best friend and alter ego Julie Bourgeois. Autist covers and mixes a wide range of genres including electropunk, dance music, psychedelic, chanson and electronica. Founded in Paris, the band released a debut electropunk LP album Die Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf in 2011 (Pale Music Int. - Tigerbeat6). It was followed by several singles and a second LP The friendly expectations of the stars in 2013 (Pale Music Int.). Since then they have toured venues and festivals across Europe and Japan and produced a number of singles, EPs and remixes. After their EP Misbehave (Springstoff) was released in summer 2017, the latest recording Controverse followed only half a year later on Nov. 11th 2017.
Their recordings aim to expand and connect musical horizons, mixing electronic and acoustic instrumentations, from noisy dance to experimental chanson and soundscapes, with english, french and german lyrics, from spoken words to screaming vocals. The band live performances are an intense physical and sensory experience, integrating heavy wall of electronic, drums, razors guitars, abyssal vocals on top of their own light and video show.


Autist ließe sich als "Electropunk-Soundclash-Duo" bezeichnen - eine Mischung aus Electropunk, Dance Music, Psychedelic, Chanson und Electronica. Gabriel Santini (guitar, vocals) und Julie Bourgeois (synths, machines) kommen aus Paris und leben jetzt in Berlin. In Paris haben sie ihre erste electropunk LP Die Kir(s)che 2011 veröffentlicht (Pale Music Int. - Tigerbeat6). Es folgten mehrere Singles und EPs sowie verschiedene Touren durch Europa und Japan. Ihr Ziel ist es, musikalische Horizonte zu verknüpfen zwischen elektronischen und akustischen Experimenten, von noisy Dance zu experimental Chanson und Soundscapes mit Lyrics auf französisch, englisch und deutsch, geflüsterten Wörtern und schreienden Vocals. Autists Live-Show ist eine heftige physische und sinnliche Erfahrung mit eigener Licht- und Videoshow.

Press & Quotes :

Los Angeles Weekly (US)
They filled our bodies with thumping beats, thrilling synths, and guitars that wailed so hard they raised goosebumps on the back of our necks - all with just two members! They credit their Parisian beginnings for the hints of ambience and nuanced melodies imbued throughout their Berlin Wall of Sound.

Skinny (UK)
Techno-punk duo are lashing out swathes of distortion and tittering rythmns. Disturbing and danceable in equal measure, their shards of thumping beats and razor guitar provokes both exodus and manic, brutal dancing.

Hospital Club London (UK)
If you don’t live your life with a general amount of unexpressed aggression resulting in a mass of aching numbness in your brain, dominating your existence at times, don’t read on. Going through this fortnights pile of new acts to listen to, it was not until the first thunderous notes of ‘I am not from London’ by ANIA ET LE PROGRAMMEUR that I awoke from my bored semi brain amputated suburban slumber and screamed: eureka, so this day did have a purpose. But enough about me. They blow the mucus of dullness out of your skull like only the first PIL album could. Not Annalisa here, Ania and no less. Suburbia no longer exist, corporate call centres - who?, the numb violence of the inhumane rip-off culture we live in – so what, unpaid council tax – kiss my ass! Ania et le programmeur hammer it all into the hellhole it belongs. And we can once again live peacefully and believe that after all, there is a reason. Thank you god!

Café Babel (DE)
Things are hotting up now! Their ‘machine rock’ carries an energy to wipe away the last of that springtime lethargy, and while the Dadaistic undertones in the lyrics may be daring, they somehow fit, like a blow to the face. You’re into noise, chaos and anarchy


  • Autist Misbehave

    autist – misbehave EP (Digital Download)

    autist - misbehave EP (Digital Download)

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  • Hyenaz – Critical Magic Remixed (Digital Download)

    Hyenaz - Critical Magic Remixed (Digital Download)

    Releasedate: 21.10.2016

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